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Forgive me for being blunt, when it comes to resolving issues with the IRS, you can either subject yourself to the uncertainty, anxiety, and stress associated with being in dispute with the IRS—–one of the most powerful agencies in the world, or…..

You can work with one of the most trusted tax professionals in Memphis and the State of Tennessee. You decide.


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Let our team of experienced tax relief experts help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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We have the expertise and knowledge you are looking for in a tax professional and can help you navigate your options.

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And Even If You Don’t Live In The Local Area (If You’ll Pardon My Bias), Here’s Why You Should Immediately Email Or Call Me…

When it comes to Tax Resolution and negotiating with government institutions, you can’t afford to mess around – but nor can you afford to engage “sales rooms” masquerading as a professional tax office. There’s simply too much at stake. And there are too many landmines along the path.

My name is Jonathan D. Nyaku. I am a licensed CPA, and able to represent you in front of the IRS. I have been doing so on behalf of clients (both local and national) now for more than 12 years.

But what you DON’T need is to be bombarded by ruthless sales pitches and overbearing junk mail simply because your situation was picked up by some database somewhere, and you were targeted as a “hot lead.” Yes, this is how these operations can afford to advertise on national television and radio. They have a sales system, and they work it. Very hard.

Here’s the dirty secret of the national tax relief industry: Almost all of your contact will be with a commissioned salesperson. A closer. And their mission is to close YOU.

When people come to us for help with back taxes and penalties and any number of issues with their tax situation, they’re not just looking for someone to negotiate on their behalf and get them through the IRS process.

They’re looking for reliable tax professionals in Greater Memphis who have experience and know-how they can trust, who will do the hard work of resolving tax situations, so they don’t have to.

It can be difficult to know where to begin with tax problems. Unfiled tax returns, missed deadlines, overdue payments, and more. That’s why we’re here!

We’ll provide you with excellent service, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your tax situation with the IRS.

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Customer Stories

H. Jones, Tax Planning and Compliance Client

Many thanks to Memphis Consulting Group for their spectacular service to me. Their timeliness, attention to detail, and knowledge is priceless. With these attributes, I received exceptionally large refunds on returns for multiple years. I highly recommend them.

Bryan A., Director of IT Assurance, Regional CPA Firm

Jonathan is an honest, hard-working individual with an avalanche of experience. With a background in Big-4 Accounting and industry, he has dealt with a multitude of complex business-related situations and can provide well-thought-out solutions. Jonathan has superb interpersonal skills that allow him to listen intently to your business need and convey a strategy or pinpoint a solution.

Anita B., Vice President, National Financial Institution

Jonathan approaches each project by integrating financial expertise with problem solving skills to obtain positive results in a timely manner. He is enjoyable to work with and has become a good friend with whom I have great confidence.

Michelle J., Compliance Manager, Global Medical Device Manufacturer

After many years at big four audit/consulting firms, Jonathan developed a broad knowledge of business and solid problem-solving skills. Jonathan is passionate about what he does. He can focus on the big picture without missing the important details. These qualities enable him to deliver great recommendations for complex business issues. I have enjoyed working with him and learned a lot from him.

Robert H Sr.

My name is Robert H Sr., owner of Father & Son Body Shop Inc. / DBA Father and Son Towing Inc.

My business’s accounting and bookkeeping were in extreme disarray before I met Jonathan Nyaku, CPA of Memphis Consulting Group.

After our first consultation, I knew this was the right company to get my business back on track. This was because he listened to my concerns and explained to me how he and his team would straighten this out for me.

That was over three years ago and since then my business has been on track with our accounting and bookkeeping. I will continue to use this company for my accounting and bookkeeping services. Thanks to this firm, Memphis Consulting Group LLC, my company’s accounting is in order, and I wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone who may need accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services.

Dorothy M, CEO

I am so grateful for the services provided to my company by Jonathan and his staff at Memphis Consulting Group, LLC. Jonathan is a strategic thinker and provides his clients with strategic plans such as Tax Planning and Reduction Strategies to assist you (the client) from overpaying taxes to the IRS.

Jonathan and his team also help you to identify and judiciously apply any savings that might accrue to you, for the benefit of your company.

The team at Memphis Consulting Group, LLC is patient, knowledgeable, and so understanding of their clients’ needs. I am an Owner of a Commercial Janitorial business and their Services have helped my business to grow.

Whenever I apply for new contracts, I am required to produce financial statements and Jonathan and his team, always come through for me. I am documenting this review from the heart and hope it will be a great review, for your website.

E Patterson, CEO

I cannot thank Jonathan and his staff enough for helping me navigate through my maze of financial challenges, which they made look easy to address and kept me calm throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend their services!

Semone Jeffries, Prince's Hot Chicken Shack South

Who could ask for more, Jonathan is wonderful to work with and will go over and beyond for you and your business. He makes time to get to know you and your company needs and consults with you along the way so that you know what’s going on in every step.

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